Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The course of course...

In the few weeks I have been moving into a "new" apartment. After 5 years of living alone I now share an apartment with Diggy Si.  Definitely an adjustment for my solitude lifestyle, however so far so good.  This also frees up $400 a month in rent to put towards my debt or savings.

Speaking of which I have been credit card debt free for a 2 months...F*!@#$$ AWESOME!  Not that I had a lot of dept, only about $900, which is not unmanageable or even irresponsible for my income.  That being said i can't stand knowing I owe money and that I am losing money due to interest.

I have my car loan down to under $4,000, I plan on paying this off in July and August.  I plan on being completely dept free by August 15.

Update on the "Stuff" I have been slowly going through the items in my world and doing inventory, I will post a list of everything I will be selling.  Anyone can make an offer if they wish to buy.  I am at about 2 boxes of clothes to donate...this is growing every time I enter my closet.

Where I stand,

Donations $2,000

By the by,

Look for the new documentary from a blogger and awesome site; man vs debt. (http://manvsdebt.com/)