Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have seen the enemy.....

It's been 6 months since I posted, six months since I shared anything, VI months since I decreed I would change.

I have rid myself of much, but not enough.  I am at $4,000 donated.  I threw away all my year books, I sold about $500 worth of books, cloths misc. items.  I recycled at least a hundred pounds of crap. 

I decided to leave the military, I decided to leave the government,  I still have to leave the war.

I was accepted to the University of Montana.  A nice place where no one knows me, and I don't know anyone. 

The monsters are advancing, and the devils hands have been busy.  Waiting patiently, waiting in my dreams,  methodical chess moves, a pawn slides forward, a rook back,  waiting for the day were we have no more to plunder, no more truth, and doesn't matter.

Happy Holidays,
Don't buy anything
It won't make you happy, just lonely tomorrow.

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