Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am not sure how to express myself in regard to my feeling about my possessions.   How do I convey a feeling being anchored and tied to objects I have little to no connection too?  I have to think back to when I got back from Afghanistan last year...my filled storage locker of all my things, which I didn't miss.  I missed my friends and family. I miss being fresh air, untainted by the open sewage smell.  I missed being able to walk around without a firearm.  I really really missed beer.  However, I never missed my things.  The things I bought to make my apartment a home, the things that I bought for some purpose that I can't remember, the things that I organized and safe guarded.

To answer some of the questions that have arrived from my impromptu Facebook post :

Anderson:  I no longer have the need for the any of it.
Katy:  If I no longer need it, why have it?
Mary jean:  I am doing great...besides you kicking my ass on Words with Friends. 
Nicole:  I always have back packing trip planned.  I have plans for the next ten years.
Diggy:  I was there in spirit. 
Pat:  Yes Pat, I have stuff.  I think you know my stance on stuff better then anyone. 
Kory:  No I am not going to kill my self, as I mentioned to one of my coworkers, I can think of ten people I'd kill before myself.
Jenna: I covered the "Why", but the "How" will be an ongoing process.

Over the next few months I will sell, donate and recycle at least 90% of my things.  Cloths, furniture, random items, kitchen equipment, DVDs, books, etc etc.  I have already started this process by giving away 3 bookcases to the Salvation Army. I recycled over 1000 DVD containers and CD cases.

I will be posting items for sale, results of downsizing and pictures of me going through this process.  i will also ramble about how I came to own the item and why.  I will keep a running tally of cash, tax write offs, recycling and donations.

Behold a bullshit monolith...well half of it.

"You're a shadow. You slip out of your own skin, like molting, shedding your own history and your own future, leaving behind everything you ever were or wanted or believed in." The Things They Carried.  Chapter 20, pg. 211. 

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