Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Short Story About My T.V.

A Short Story About My T.V.

For the past 4 years I have had a bank account for major purchases.  In a habit I developed to mitigate major purchases I set up a savings account to stash away money every month to buy large or expensive items.  I never liked the idea of credit cards and buying something that I didn't have the money for, at 15% interest.  I set the account up in June 2007.  On more then one occasion I have withdrawn hundreds of dollars to go to a store to buy a T.V.  On every occasion I had the same outcome, I put the money back into the account.  When the time came I would get cold feet and not buy a T.V., place the money back into the account, just to revisit the same purchase the next month.  Yesterday, I closed the account.

The story of my T.V. is simple, it's still sitting in the store.  After 7 years of not owning one, why am I going back and forth on buying one?  It all comes down to The Network.


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